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Say Hello to Chi!

Chi is a fun, faithful fluffy pup that is ready to become your new brand ambassador! Our goal is to delight you with tail-wagging fun, share our love of healthy and dog-friendly products, and keep you informed with updates about Chi and the best pet products.

Fun Facts About Chi

I’m a Shichon, a cute cross between a Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu. I love belly rubs, chew sticks, musical toys, posing for the camera, and of course my loving mom, Virginia. When I’m not chillaxing, you can find me trying out the latest and greatest pet products, services, and trends and sharing my favorites with the world. Intrigued? Follow my extraordinary adventures on Instagram at @thatdoggychi!

Fun Fact # 1
I was born on Sunday, May 28, 2017, in Baltic, Ohio, but I have been a NY City pup my whole life. If you follow the stars, then you might know I am a Gemini, and in the Chinese Astrology, I am a Rooster. (Cockadoodledoo!)

Fun Fact # 2
I am quite popular, I know this because I have over 100 furriends at doggy daycare!
Fun Fact # 3
I love love LOVE ❤️ to go on sniffy walks (where mom lets me sniff things for as long as I want), and I love being outdoors in general.
Fun Fact # 4
I am ecstatic when mom lets me go shopping with her! Sometimes, I am so well-behaved, that other humans think I am a stuffed animal – silly, right?
Fun Fact # 5
I am a big fan of getting groomed and washed up on a daily basis! It's how I get my fluffy glow. ✨
Fun Fact # 6
I never go out in the rain without my raincoat! ☔️

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