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Hi, I'm Chi! Your Faithful, Fun Fluffy Pup!

This is Chi – your faithful, fun fluffy pup. On great days, which is most of them, you’ll find me cuddling up in a soft blanket or trying on a new outfit, and I’m always excitedly awaiting my next treat or meal. (I’ve been a good boy, so I know my mom will deliver!)

Things I like? Belly rubs, musical toys, chew sticks and – yep, you guessed it – posing in front of the camera! I’m usually wagging my tail in a loving, protective kind of way around my mom (humans call her Virginia).

Some call me pampered; giving and receiving kisses while going for my routine doggy grooming, frequent shopping sprees, and photo shoots … but I just know what I like! I’m a little like a bloodhound when it comes to seeking out quality pet products and services as well as doggy fashion trends. I can sniff them out a mile away!

I live with my mom in beautiful Corpus Christi Texas!