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Marjoram oil is another must-have for your dog’s essential oils kit, and it’s one you may not have heard of before. With its calming effect and antiseptic, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, marjoram oil is an excellent addition to your canine medicine cabinet and one of the most versatile oils out there.

Popular in traditional Indian medicine, Marjoram is a sweet oil that is derived from the Majorana Hortensis shrub and is widely used in both human and animal holistic medicine.

Marjoram is perhaps most useful for emotional distress in dogs. If your pup is a nervous nelly (or has some phobias such as thunder, car rides, etc.) marjoram is an excellent option for pet parents who aren’t ready or are reluctant to try pharmaceutical cures.

Marjoram, when mixed with water or a carrier oil and spritzed on your dog’s bedding, promotes a sense of tranquility, relaxation, and confidence. Remember, your dog has an incredible sense of smell and so much of their world is formed by their olfactory experience. If the scent of essential oils helps us with our puny nostrils, imagine how well it must work for our four-legged-friends!

You can spritz diluted marjoram oil in your car to ease emotional distress during those dreaded car rides, or use it in a diffuser to fill your home with its calming, woody, scent. Marjoram can also help your dog (and you!) feel less anxious, shy, angry, or irritable.  

It’s also said to help relieve a host of canine skin issues, most of which are rooted in inflammation. Problems like hotspots and general dermatitis (caused by an allergy or insect bite) can be relieved with marjoram oil. It is also particularly helpful with bacterial skin infections.


As always, less is more when it comes to essential oils and dogs. It’s not a good idea to simply start lathering your dog in pure marjoram oil. Dogs are sensitive creatures and will benefit from a gentle introduction to oils.  Here are some tips for introducing marjoram to your pup:


  1. Allow them to sniff some diluted marjoram oil. If they back away, don’t force it! Just like you, dogs have their own taste and preferences, and if marjoram isn’t the ticket, you can try something else.   
  2. Use marjoram oil in a diffuser and enjoy the scent with your dog as it infuses the room.
  3. Try mixing lavender oil and marjoram together to create a soothing serenity blend.

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