Happy Chinese New Year!

natural holistic pet care

While it’s not the year of the dog (that would be too perfect) as part of my New-Year-New-Chi resolution, I will continue with my commitment to natural holistic pet care and doggy health. 

 The Chinese culture has always placed a high value on natural holistic medicine. And while that’s mostly for people, I’m inspired to extend it to my canine crew as well.

 While traditional western veterinary medicine definitely has its place (shout out to all the hardworking vets out there!)‌ much of canine health is rooted in preventive care. And part of preventative care is limiting our dog’s exposure to harsh chemicals, unnecessary additives, and anything but the most wholesome, natural food. That’s where natural holistic pet care comes in. 

The core tenants of holistic animal care are compassion, diverse therapies, genetics, nutrition, and natural remedies. Taking care of our dogs holistically means taking into account their entire beings when making healthcare decisions for them: their emotional lives, their social history, their age, their breed, as well as their environment. 

We don’t always get a choice when our dogs get sick: sometimes they really need medication, surgery, or other procedures to keep them safe, happy, and alive. But what about when they’re healthy? How can we help keep them that way? Often, it means being careful about what you expose your dog to, what you feed them, and how you care for them.

natural holistic pet care

That means doing our research. And boy have we done it!

Over the next few weeks, we want to introduce you to some of Chi’s favorite natural products, tested by Chi and loved by owners. From essential oils to natural flea and tick preventatives, we’re so excited to have you along with us as we explore the tenants of natural holistic pet care. Stay tuned!