All too often, a new dog food recall makes headlines. If you have a doggy in your family, this can be frightening, to say the very least. After all, your dog deserves to eat fresh, safe food that gives them the nutrients they need to live a long, healthy life.

If you haven’t treated your furry friend to Life’s Abundance dog food products, it’s time to do so. To get the scoop on Life’s Abundance, we chatted with Jamie Wolf, who has worked for the company for 20 years. Here’s what we learned from her:

Life’s Abundance dog food has never been recalled. Yes, you read that right. Its top-notch dog food products are completely safe and haven’t made a single recall headline. The mastermind behind this incredible, never-recalled dog food is Dr. Jane Bicks. 

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Dr. Bicks has truly dedicated her life to the health and wellness of pets. She loves to research and develop the freshest, most nutritious dog food possible so that dogs can live longer. So, what makes her dog food formulations so unique? 

Aside from the fact that they’ve never been recalled, Life’s Abundance dog food is only made in small batches using the highest-quality ingredients that are personally scouted by Dr. Bicks. Believe it or not, each and every pack of Life Abundance dog food is a maximum of six weeks old and delivered immediately to ensure optimal freshness for your doggy.

Why is Freshness So Important in Dog Food?


The reality is that when you give your dog fresh food, they are able to better absorb the nutrients than if you feed them food that’s been hanging out in a hot warehouse, on a trailer, and/or in a parking lot for months or even longer. 

When it comes to ingredients, Life’s Abundance dog food is loaded with the best of the best. It’s free of by-products, chemical preservatives, corn, wheat, soy, and other cheap fillers many popular dog food brands use. 

Instead, it contains a proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals, omega-3 acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat, calcium and phosphorus for healthy teeth and strong bones, and dietary fiber for a healthy digestive tract. 

Life’s Abundance Cares!

Life’s Abundance is always investing in their products and looking for ways to improve them. It’s a transparent company that is open to sharing a wealth of information about dog food and wellness. If you’d like to give your doggy high-quality healthy dog food, you owe it to yourself to order some Life’s Abundance today.