that doggy chi the shichon posing with mom virginia

Virginia (my loving dog mom) is a creative and supportive pet lover who wants to help other humans live happier, healthier and better lives – she and I are in full agreement and always work as a team on this. People get stuck in a rut sometimes, and listening to the same advice over and over from parents, friends, and colleagues can only give so much perspective.

It can really help to get sound counsel from some other source, for a change. From someone with a loving heart and a unique, ground-up view of the world … say from a dog named Chi, for instance?

This is where I come in, to add spice and value to your online life via daily pet-related tips, nuggets of wisdom or cuteness, and also quality recommendations of specific products and services.

How to Be the Best Dog Mom You Can Be

If you’re trying to be the best pet parent you can be, my mom would tell you that AWARENESS is key when it comes to supporting family pets like me. Here’s what she has to say:

“In today’s world, it’s so easy to overlook things especially when you are with your pet (or anyone) every day – but it’s so important to notice anything that can have negative or adverse effects on your pet, like a cough, poor breathing, a limp, a broken nail, diarrhea, scratching, how they are eating, etc. Pets rely on us to get their nutrients and for their general livelihood. So we need to pay attention and take responsibility for their well-being.”

doggy chi getting hugs from mom

Hope you got all that! And I’ll be here for you, sharing the information my mom finds and showing you cool stuff that really gets my tail wagging.

A Deeper Connection

Connecting with me on a deeper level is something Virginia, my dog mom, is extremely passionate about. How do I know? Well, one day I was wagging my tail all over the place [a.k.a. minding my own business] and I heard her talking about me:

“Chi has connected me to something greater than myself — a greater purpose. It makes me so happy to see people loving my pup and feeling inspired and happy to see my pup, who is so loving and good-natured. It’s like a lot of good love being spread around the world. People are happy, and I’m happier too!”

You can imagine how I felt, deep down and all the way to the tip of my tail, hearing her say that, right? I’m so proud to be making humans, especially mine, feel that warm, fuzzy belly-rub feeling that comes so naturally to me. It’s kind of my job.

So I (some call me the Mayor around here) am hard at work.

I’m napping, modeling, taste-testing treats and comparing each new toy against my gold-standard of fun – the balled-up stocking – so that Mom and I can serve up your daily dose of delight and advice.

And we don’t mind working with you to promote your Chi-worthy product or service to your target audience. It’s what we do best!