If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to keep your pet healthy, you can’t go wrong with Shungite nuggets and Shungite pendants. They can boost your pet’s energy and immune system, balance their mind, purify their body and allow them to live the happy, healthy life they deserve.

Why am I such a firm believer in Shungite nuggets and Shungite pendants for pets? To answer this question, let me tell you about my Shichon, that doggy Chi. When I first got him, he had several ailments including giardia, fleas, ear infections, constant itching, stomach issues, and rashes.

It broke my heart to see him live his life with so much discomfort and I was on a mission to find some products that could improve his health. The day I came across Shungite nuggets and Shungite pendants, both of our lives were changed forever.

Why Using Shungite On Pets Makes So Much Sense

Decorative Shungite & Copper Pendant

Pets are particularly vulnerable to pollution from household chemicals like lawn fertilizers, garden insecticides, and antifreeze. Exposure to these pollutants can lead to some of the ailments that Chi faced. 

Time after time, research has shown that when pets drink plenty of water, they can lessen the hazardous effects of chemicals and stay hydrated. So, how can you get your pet to drink more water? Easy! All you have to do is put three Shungite nuggets in their water bowl. The mineral will purify and energize the water and improve its taste so that your pet will naturally want to drink more. 

In addition to pollution from household chemicals, many pets are affected by the electric and magnetic fields from common electronics like phones, laptops, and microwaves. Constant exposure to electronics can lead to many serious issues for pets such as tumors, cancers, and accelerated aging. 

To keep your pet safe from electric and magnetic fields, you can place a Shungite pendant on their collar. The pendant will balance their energy and protect them from the harm that electronics can bring.

Shungite is Not Just For Pets!

The power of Shungite isn’t just for pets, either. You can also reap its benefits for yourself by purchasing a necklace or a pendant to use as a keychain. Check out this article and its videos to learn more about the science of Shungite why it is so effective at improving the health and wellness of both doggies and humans.

Intrigued by the power of Shungite nuggets and pendants? Experience their magic firsthand by ordering one for your furry family members or yourself today! 

Love, Chi’s mom – Virginia!