The evil eye is one of the strongest symbolic images in the world. It’s instantly recognizable and found in nearly every culture in the world. In fact, the symbol of the evil eye is so universal that it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where it came from.

Some people attribute the symbol of to the ancient Greeks, who would adorn goblets with it and wear it around their necks or wrists as an amulet.  Remarkably similar symbols have also been found in Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu cultures, and the meaning behind the symbol remains incredibly constant. In every culture, the evil eye is a “hex” that is placed upon a person or an animal by a malicious glare.

No matter the culture of origin, most incantations of the evil eye involve the recipient possessing something that the person desires or a jealous reaction by the hexer when a person is too boastful about their success. Braggarts are especially prone to it, as are people who “count their chickens before they hatch”- prematurely celebrating is a great way to attract the evil eye!

Because these types of hexes were so frightening (it’s scary to think that someone could hex you simply by looking at you!) cultures across the world independently developed special talismans to ward off the curse and protect them from its maleficent power. 

The most famous of talismans is the blue evil eye (one eye set on a blue background) and the red evil eye (one eye set on a dark red background) which are worn as jewelry or tucked under a pillow at night. Red is a lucky color in some cultures and religions, such as Judaism, and blue has the same quality for others, such as Islam. Both iterations are said to protect the wearer from the evil eye, no matter the source, as well as ward off evil, sickness, and misfortune.

People who trust the symbol to keep them safe don’t usually stop at themselves, either! Many people choose to offer the same protection to their pet, usually in the form of a medallion worn on the animal’s collar, just like their identification tag.

While most folks don’t go around casting hexes on innocent animals (at least we hope not!), the talisman is more than just protection from those with unsavory intentions. It protects the wearer, animal or human, from bad luck, illness, and evil.

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