Meet That Doggy Chi, a Shichon (that’s a Shih Tzu x Bichon Frisé, btw).

When he’s not snuggling with his mom, playing with his pals, or cuddling up with his favorite blanket, Chi is sniffing out the very best in canine trends, treats, tips, and tidbits. We want to be one of your favorite places you go to for canine knowledge, quality product recommendations, furry fashion trends, and your daily dose of cute.

We strive to harness all that’s best in our canine companions: generosity of spirit, inquisitiveness, and a love for having fun. Chi isn’t just a pretty face (though he is a fun, fluffy, adorable pup), but the Virgil of the dog world, leveraging spiritual guidance, doggy experts, and practical tools to enrich your life, deepen your bond with your own pup, and thrive as a doggy parent.

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We’re so glad to have you with us!