Who We Are

Meet Chi, a Shichon (that’s a Shih Tzu x Bichon Frisé, by the way). When he’s not snuggling with his mom, playing with his pals, or cuddling up with his favorite blanket, Chi is sniffing out the very best in canine trends, treats, tips, and tidbits. We want to be an established pet brand and one of your favorite places to go to for canine knowledge, quality product recommendations, furry fashion trends, and your daily dose of cute.  

We strive to harness all that’s best in our canine companions: generosity of spirit, inquisitiveness, and a love for having fun. Chi isn’t just a pretty face (though he is a fun, fluffy, adorable pup), but the Virgil of the dog world, leveraging spiritual guidance, doggy experts, and practical tools to enrich your life, deepen your bond with your own pup, and thrive as a doggy parent.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help pets and their parents live happier and healthier through our pet brand– simple as that! We want you to enjoy spending time together, and it’s this togetherness that’s the core of our business practices, our mission, and our passion.



Core Values

The bond between humans and their dogs is special, irreplaceable, and unique. Our dogs give us unconditional love and companionship, and we give them the best care possible. Our dogs rely on us completely to give them the very best, whether that’s food, treats, healthcare, or general quality of life.

That’s an awesome responsibility, but you don’t have to go it alone. We believe in helping other pet parents, through our pet brand, to live their best lives with their pups, 

We give this advice and information on how to properly care for your dog as well as giving tips on various pet products through testing, interviews…


Instagram Stats

  • 38,000+ Followers
  • 450K Monthly Impressions
  • 102K Monthly Reach
  • 64K Monthly Profile Views


Our Ideal Partnerships

Our ideal partners are pet brands and advertisers that share our beliefs about the special relationship between humans and their dogs. We believe that dogs should be:

  • Treasured
  • Pampered
  • Well Nourished
  • Well Loved

We only partner with companies that have the same commitment to overall human and canine wellness. We tend to partner with pet brands that have a passion for natural products, limited and wholesome ingredients, and preventative care (utilizing overall good health practices to avoid problems in the future).


Natural Healing

We love traditional veterinary medicine. And why not? It saves lives and helps pets live longer and better than ever before.  That being said, we do not believe in a rigid approach to animal medicine.  


We also believe in holistic healing, natural remedies, and preventative care. We believe that it’s better to prevent a problem than have to seek treatment for one later. That’s why all the products we recommend aim to foster a sense of general wellness, for humans and canines alike!


Food & Treats

We believe that less is more when it comes to food and treats. We prefer foods and treats without unnecessary fillers and useless carbohydrates.


Fashion & Doggywear

We are super into fashion! We love people fashion and pet fashion, and we love when the two can be combined! We believe that furry fashion trends should always respect the animal that’s wearing them. One way that we embody this belief system is by recommending harnesses over collars.


Harnesses are safer, more comfortable, and less restrictive for our canine companions. While this is particularly important for some breeds of dogs with respiratory issues (pugs, french bulldogs, etc.) we believe that all dogs are safer and more secure with a harness.



Technology is the final frontier in pet ownership! From health and safety tracking to gadgets that are just plain fun, we want to hear about how your technology is making life easier and better for pets and their parents.   

And we don’t just want to hear about the technology – we strive to be active participants in testing out technology created to improve the lives of pets and the people who love them!

Think you have a new gadget that’s going to revolutionize the way we relate to and care for our furry friends? Chi and I want to hear about it!



Isn’t Chi just the cutest? We love modeling and will accept modeling opportunities when they are the right fit and are aligned with our mission and core values.



Giveaways And Reviews

We love giveaways! While we don’t do them too often, we love the opportunity to share with our followers and show them how much we appreciate their support. 

Most of our giveaways qualify as “sweepstakes”, in which winners are chosen by luck of the draw. Occasionally, we will do “contests” in which the winner is chosen on some merit. The value of prizes should be $600 or less.

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Product Reviews

Our product reviews are unbiased and based solely on our authentic opinion based on the required 30-60 day trial period. We purchase many products and provide detailed reviews.  We will accept products free of charge for the purposes of testing and review. However, acceptance of a product free of charge for the purpose of review does not guarantee a positive assessment. 

We will never test choke, prong,  or shock collars, retractable leashes, or anything that has the potential to harm or cause pain to an animal.


How It Works

Our pet brand as well as product recommendations and endorsements are authentic. I will never recommend a product or pet brand unless I’ve tried it myself, and not just once or twice.  All products will be tested for a minimum of 30 – 60 days, time enough to determine whether or not the product improves my life and, more importantly, Chi’s life! 

Our sponsorship campaigns are almost always long term. We don’t generally do “one off” promotions as we seek long-term partnerships with companies that are seeking to reach their audience long term.  That being said, we reserve the right to remove and stop promoting products that are no longer in alignment with our value system.


Ready to Reach Out?


Think Chi should be your next Chi-E-O? We want to learn more about you, your brand, and your customers.

Feel free to reach out at thatdoggychi@gmail.com.