Fun Fact # 1
I was born on Sunday, May 28, 2017, in Baltic, Ohio, but I have been a NY City pup my whole life. If you follow the stars, then you might know I am a Gemini, and in the Chinese Astrology, I am a Rooster. (Cockadoodledoo!)
Fun Fact # 2
I am quite popular, I know this because I have over 100 furriends at doggy daycare!
Fun Fact # 3
I love love LOVE ❤️ to go on sniffy walks (where mom lets me sniff things for as long as I want), and I love being outdoors in general.
Fun Fact # 4
I am ecstatic when mom lets me go shopping with her! Sometimes, I am so well-behaved, that other humans think I am a stuffed animal – silly, right?
Fun Fact # 5
I am a big fan of getting groomed and washed up on a daily basis! It's how I get my fluffy glow. ✨
Fun Fact # 6
I never go out in the rain without my raincoat! ☔️
Fun Fact # 7
I absolutely adore anything that brings sweet music to my ears – like musical toys!
Fun Fact # 8
The best time to snuggle is at night when the stars are out. Mom lets me have a snack then, too!
Fun Fact # 9
My favorite thing to do is bring the humans in my life gifts! I always find good stuff in my baskets, and I don't mind sharing my toys, chews, bone or treats. Giving is what I do best!