GreenMin All Natural Mineral Superfood

All-natural, plant-based mineral and amino acid-rich green superfood for dogs to refuel and energize your dog’s body.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Why plain wholesome food is no longer enough.

    In a perfect world, a wide variety of food should be enough to keep your dog nourished. However, intensive agriculture and food transport for long distances prevent nutrients from getting back to the soil where they came from. This causes nutrient depletion in the whole chain which also affects us and our dogs.

    • As nature intended. We only use all-natural, top quality food-based ingredients!
    • Raw food goodness is packaged in each jar. GreenMin is carefully dried and crafted under low temperatures to protect its valuable nutrients.
    • GreenMin is made from human-grade ingredients and is packaged in recycled glass to preserve its goodness.
    • We use certified organic, mineral-rich Alga Calcarea and Californian spirulina tested multiple times for safety, purity and nutritional values before bottling.
    • Dietary deficiencies are a primary cause of chronic disease and premature aging. Intensive agriculture practices have depleted soils of minerals and other nutrients, which affects the entire food chain including your animal friend.

    GreenMin Supports:

    • Better energy and greater stamina • Improved mobility and joint health • A shinier, healthier and richer coat • Optimal cell, gland and organ function • Better digestion and nutrient absorption • Better hydration • Detox

    Safety & Testing

    There are several steps that we take to make sure that GreenMin is safe and toxin free.

    • 1Lab-tested for purity and heavy metals
    • 2Human-grade ingredients
    • 3We perform additional batch testing to confirm the results
    • 4Packaged in glass as chemicals from plastic leach into the product
    GreenMin is a registered Veterinary Health Product / Produit de santé animale (NN): NN.M7A5