Gentle Leash – Soft, Durable Woolen Leash

A shock-absorbing, lightweight, super-strong dog leash made of natural materials to keep your dog safe and injury-free.

Easy to clean! Just throw it in the wash, stretch it out and lay it flat to dry.

Available in a variety of colors*

HANDMADE in Vancouver, Canada**

*Limited quantities of each color available

**Due to all leashes being individually hand made, a slight variance in color and length can be expected.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    We have designed Gentle Leash to keep your dog safe and prevent injuries by absorbing harmful shocks. 

    While we continuously test Gentle Leash for its strength and integrity, wool is a natural fibre and can be damaged, if your dog chews on it or if it repeatedly rubs against a rough surface such as tree bark, rocks or concrete.

    Gentle Leash does not replace proper training and is not an adequate safety restraint for strong pullers.

    By purchasing Gentle Leash, you agree that Dr. Dobias Healing Solutions, Inc. is not liable for any injuries or runaways due to loss of integrity of the leash because of chewing, rubbing and excessive wear. 

    Please check your leash regularly prior to use for any fraying. Thank you for caring!