Matching Heart Necklace & Heart Collar Pendant


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    Product Description

    Shungite & Silver Heart Necklace Pendant: Silver Saturated Shungite (S4) Resin Pendant. The silver-colored wire is enamel over copper and is 18 gauge. Pendant is 1-1/2 inches long. 


    Shungite Heart Collar Pendant: Silver Saturated Shungite (S4) Resin Pendant. Pendant is 1-3/10″ inches long.

    Shungite has been known to have healing properties, aid in balancing the chakras, protecting against electromagnetic radiation and boosting the body’s immune system. Just having these stones close by makes me feel better.  – Love, Chi!

    The Shungite sold on this site comes from the Zazhoginsky deposits in the Russian Republic of Karelia. We consider every piece of Shungite to be a sacred gift and we treat it as such.

    Please see the following link for more information on Shungite. Shungite For Pet Health

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